Hotel H10 Panorama Miramar Havana Cuba

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Address: 3RA Y 70 Miramar Playa, Havana, Cuba

Why was Hotel H10 Panorama Miramar voted #10 by Travelucion clients? To dispel criticism for placing this hotel 10th, there are over 60 hotels in Havana so being in the top 10 means something. We think. However, if we were to consider purely service and rooms, Hotel H10 Panorama would probably be second on the list. The reason the Hotel H10 Panorama is relegated to 10th spot is because it’s almost entirely devoid of that “Cuban” flair. It operates and feels like a hotel in Munich or New York, has an avant garde “non Cuban” facade which seems to clash with every other building within a 30 mile radius. However, the Hotel H10 Panorama is a great “hotel”, the service is fantastic, and the executive floor service is especially good (maybe better than Melia’s offering). Food, drinks, rooms and general feel (once you’re inside) is great but, it’s simply not a hotel that will make you feel like you’re in Cuba but, it still got number 10th spot!

The H10 Habana Panorama is a 4 star hotel with an uneasy modern architectural design and privileged location facing the sea in the Miramar residential area, where most of the city’s embassies, commercial companies and business centers are found. But The Miramar district also offers a supremely beautiful backdrop for your Havana vacation with its wide tree lined 5th Avenue Boulevard, impressive churches, National Aquarium, Club Habana, Marina Hemingway and many other attractions.

Often misunderstood by those who have never visited Havana, the Miramar district is just 10 minutes from Colonial Old Havana and 5 minutes from places like the Tropicana Cabaret, Bodegita del Medio or Floridita Daiquiri bar made famous by the writer Ernest Hemingway. For those who know Havana the H10 Habana Panorama is ideally situated while offering the true luxuries that can generally only be found in a modern property such as this.

In the knowledge that guests want to explore the Old quarter of Havana, the hotel H10 Panorama Havana provides a free shuttle bus with regular departures and returns to Old Havana. The H10 Habana Panorama has three excellent onsite restaurants, four bars, a swimming pool for adults plus a separate children’s swimming pool.

The modern look of H10 Habana Panorama are also translated to the modern service available which include WiFi and fixed internet for guests plus beautifully designed views with massive panoramic windows in each room.

Hotel H10 Panorama Havana is usually in very high demand and, as such, should be booked in advance. Our booking program allows reservations at Hotel H10 Panorama Havana without down payment or deposit which will guarantee your dates and also allows preferential modifications should your dates change in the future.

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