Habana Malecon Seafront Boardwalk

Currently under renovation is the Habana Malecón, the avenue that runs along the seawall at the northern shore of Havana, from Habana Vieja to the Almendares River. This picturesque boardwalk, the scene of many movies new and old, is the latest task for the city’s historian.

Construction of the Habana Malecón began in 1901 at the time Cuba was under temporary U.S. military rule. The primary reason for building the Malecón was to protect Havana from the seawater and the sometimes volatile weather systems Havana has notoriously been subjected to. In the end however the wall and promenade wound up serving more for nighttime strolls by Habaneros, for lovers, photographers and artists. Fishermen are frequently seen fishing from atop the seawall.

To commemorate the building of the first 500m section of the Habana Malecón, the American government constructed a beautiful roundabout at the intersection of Paseo del Prado which now leads to; Hotel Parque Central, Hotel Saratoga, Hotel Inglaterra, Hotel Plaza, Hotel Telegrafo and Hotel Caribbean.