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San Francisco de la Habana Basilica

San Francisco de la Habana Basilica, Habana Vieja, the setting for the church and convent of San Francisco de Asis, built in 1608, and reconstructed in 1737. The church was used by the English during the year in which they ruled Havana. Upon return to Spanish rule, they decided not to use it as a church […]

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Plaza de Armas Havana Cuba

These days the Plaza de Armas is the main touristic square of Havana. The origin of its name is derived from its previous military use, since from the end of the 16th century most military ceremonies and the events took place at the square.

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Capitol Building Havana Cuba

National Capitol Building in Havana, designed to emulate the structure of the Panthéon in Paris France, and an almost copy of the U.S. Capitol (the one in Cuba is 2 inches taller). Its interior was the headquarters of Cuba’s government until the overthrow of Batista. The Capitolio Havana has just received extensive refurbishment with a […]

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San Cristobal Cathedral Havana Cuba

Catedral de San Cristóbal is by far the most prominent building on the Plaza de la Catedral. The Cathedral was built over the chapel after 1748 under instructions from the bishop of Salamanca Spain, Jose Felipe de Trespalacios. Considered by many as one of the most beautiful and sober churches of the American baroque period.

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Castillo de la Real Fuerza Havana Cuba

Castillo de la Real Fuerza, The fortress or also know as a “lit” Castle of the Royal Army is favorite tourist attraction and big monument that closes the Plaza de las Armas. It was the first large fortification of the city, initiated in 1558 on the ruins of an ancient fortress. In the same year, the Crown sent […]

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San Salvador de la Punta Fortress Havana Cuba

San Salvador de la Punta Fortress was constructed in 1590 and in 1629 on the shore opposite to the Castle of El Morro and at the beginning of the curve of El Malecon right at the harbor entrance. At night a thick chain was held between San Salvador de la Punta Fortress and the El […]

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La Cabaña Fortress Havana Cuba

La Cabaña fortress is located on the east side of the Havana Bay near the harbor mouth. Center point of the Spanish colonies dominance was La Cabaña a mighty structure built to dissuade pirates. Imposing with its 18th century walls, it was built at the same time as El Morro. Even today, nightly at 9 […]

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Castillo del Morro Havana Cuba

A perfect view of Old Havana is gleaned from Castillo del Morro. The “Morro” as it is known locally is a picturesque fortress protecting the entrance to Havana bay. The structure of the castle Los Tres Reyes del Morro is built in such a way de to the step along the harbor mount in Havana. […]

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Habana Malecon Seafront Boardwalk

Currently under renovation is the Habana Malecón, the avenue that runs along the seawall at the northern shore of Havana, from Habana Vieja to the Almendares River. This picturesque boardwalk, the scene of many movies new and old, is the latest task for the city’s historian. Construction of the Habana Malecón began in 1901 at […]

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Visit Old Havana Colonial Buildings, museums, bars and restaurants

Old Havana or Habana Vieja is the Old quarter of Havana, founded by the Spanish in 1519 and constructed around the natural harbor of the Bay of Havana. A major mooring point for the treasure laden Spanish Galleons that crisscrossed the Atlantic Ocean between the New World and the Old World. In the 17th century […]

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