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Hotel H10 Panorama Miramar Havana Cuba

Address: 3RA Y 70 Miramar Playa, Havana, Cuba Why was Hotel H10 Panorama Miramar voted #10 by Travelucion clients? To dispel criticism for placing this hotel 10th, there are over 60 hotels in Havana so being in the top 10 means something. We think. However, if we were to consider purely service and rooms, Hotel […]

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Hotel Saint John’s Vedado Havana

Address: Calle O e/ 23 y 25, Vedado, Vedado, Havana, Cuba Why was Hotel Saint John’s voted #9 by Travelucion clients? We hear you say – WHAT is Hotel Saint John’s in Havana doing on a top 10 list? Well, you see our list is different as you´ve already seen if you got to #9. Hotel […]

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Hotel Bella Habana Havana Cuba

Address: Conill e/ Marino y Boyeros Nuevo Vedado Plaza de la Revolución, Havana, Cuba Why was Hotel Bella Habana voted #8 by Travelucion clients? The only redeeming features of Hotel Bella Habana are its convenience, airport location and price and that’s why it appears as #8. The hotel is ideal for visitors to Cuba who will […]

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Occidental Montehabana Miramar Havana

Address: Calle 70 Entre 5ta A Y 7ma Avenue, Miramar, Havana Why was Condos Occidental Montehabana voted #7 by Travelucion clients? You may enjoy a self catering vacation, eating out now and again at the 100s of Cuban Paladar restaurants instead of a hotels meal regimes but, simply can’t stomach the idea of spending your […]

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Hotel Acuario Marina Hemingway Havana

Address: Calle 248 Y 5ta Ave, Marina Hemingway, Havana, Cuba Why was Hotel Acuario Marina at Hemingway voted #6 by Travelucion clients? You’ll read reviews about Hotel Acuario Marina Hemingway from ill-informed visitors who simply chose the wrong hotel. The Hotel Acuario is one of those places you need to be looking for to be able […]

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Hotel Blau Club Arenal Playas del Este Havana

Address: Laguna Boca Ciega, Playas del Este, Havana, Cuba Why was Hotel Blau Club Arenal voted #5 by Travelucion clients? Some people visit Havana Cuba as a Caribbean destination, expecting white sands and palm trees. Havana simply does not have any natural beaches which are close to the center of the city. This creates a […]

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Hotel Habana Libre Vedado Havana Cuba

Address: Calle L e/ 23 y 25 Vedado, Havana, Cuba Why was Hotel Habana Libre voted #4 by Travelucion clients? The Hotel Habana Libre’s identity crisis is being erased by time. Taken over by the Melia group a few years back, the hotel was completely revamped, staff retrained and the notoriously impersonal service banished from […]

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Hotel Palco Miramar Havana Cuba

Address: Calle 146 e 11 y 13, Miramar Playa, Havana, Cuba   Why was Hotel Palco voted #3 by Travelucion clients? The Hotel Palco is off everyone’s radar when visiting Havana. The issue is that this is one of the reasons why it’s such a great hotel. Just 10 minutes from Old Havana, you can […]

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Hotel Nacional de Cuba Vedado Havana Cuba

Address: Calle 21 y O, Vedado, Havana, Cuba Why was Hotel Nacional voted #2 by Travelucion clients? If there’s one hotel you need to say you stayed at while visiting Cuba it has to be the Hotel Nacional. These days the hotel has lost much of its past luster and is showing its age but, […]

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Hotel Melia Cohiba Havana, Cuba

Address: Avda Paseo,Entre 1 y 3 Vedado, Havana, Cuba Why was Melia Cohiba voted #1 by Travelucion clients? Essentially the hotel offers sublime service, clean and immaculate rooms and a total service package that is head and shoulders above other hotels in Havana. The staff at Cohiba are knowledgeable veterans at the hotel, some of […]

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